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Nancy S.
Alachua, FL
August 14, 2018

We sent out one of our seasoned techs to give her a FREE estimate on duct cleaning and Aeroseal duct sealing treatment. We found that she did in fact have biological growth in her duct work and was loosing approx 40% of her air flow. After the leaning and sealing her duct system we added anti-microbial treatment and installed UV light to greatly reduce the chance of biological growth in her system. She was very happy with the outcome and service.

David M.
Mayo, FL
August 3, 2018

We dispatched a technician within the hour. After the tech diagnosed his issue, he determined that is was a bad capacitor in the AC unit. The cap was replaced and the unit is cooling fine now. David was very pleased with the service we provided.

Charles D.
Branford, FL
July 18, 2018

Charles decided to purchase a new condenser for his air conditioner and it was installed the very next day.

Lake City, FL
July 6, 2018

Our highly trained technician, Jared performed a cleaning of the blower assembly.

F. Jones
Gainesville, FL
July 2, 2018

We quickly ordered Mr. Jones and new more efficient AC unit with low payments he could afford. We also installed temporary AC units to keep the home cool while the unit was being delivered.

Martin Cora
Deerfield Beach, FL
June 2, 2018

Our world-class technician, Jared performed and condenser coil cleaning, allowing his AC system to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Mabel L.
Live Oak, FL
March 14, 2018

We checked the air conditioning system in cooling mode. We found the air filter was dirty and plugged causing the air not to flow properly. We replaced the air filter. We also checked the puron pressures which were good. After the check-up, the system was cooling properly and running more efficiently.

John & Helen L.
Jasper, FL
September 13, 2017

We checked the system for evidence of a lightning strike. We found the A/C unit had a bad blower motor and transformer. The condenser fan motor had also been removed by the previous AC tech (from another company). Unfortunately, the client needed a new unit due to the lightning/power spike.

Randy M.
Bristol, FL
June 8, 2016

We completed a full inspection of the AC unit. Our technician came out and cleaned the air conditioning condenser coil and removed some debris. The condenser fan needed to be lubricated to run better. We also checked the amperage of the compressor contactor. We found the electrical connections needed to be tightened. The capacitors and relays also needed to be adjusted. We then inspected the indoor evaporation coil, then flushed and cleaned the condensate drain and pan. Next, we inspected the blower assembly operation and lubricated the unit. Finally, we checked the A/C air filter and inspected the thermostat. We safety tested the controls for proper operation. The unit then ran as needed to cool the home more efficiently.

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