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AC Installation Services in Lake City & Gainesville, FL

AC Installation Services in Lake City & Gainesville, FL

When your air conditioner stops working on a summer day, you can count on hot, humid and uncomfortable conditions inside your home in Lake City or Gainesville, Florida until you get the problem corrected. Fortunately, a call to the cooling experts at Glenn I. Jones Home Services will stop your sweating and have you chilling out again in no time.

We’re air conditioning installation experts that sell and install high-quality AC units from the industry's top manufacturers. For more than 50 years, Glenn I. Jones has provided homeowners and business owners throughout North Florida with quality cooling and heating services from certified technicians. You can count on us for professional expertise, superior service and customer-friendly pricing.

As a certified dealer of Daikin Comfort Pro products, which come with a 12-year manufacturer's warranty, the Glenn I. Jones team installs energy-efficient and powerful air conditioners and furnaces to our customers in Gainesville & Lake City, FL. When it is time to upgrade your HVAC system, we will help you identify and install a unit that suits your needs and your budget. 

Our emergency crews are available on a 24/7 basis to help you meet your cooling needs and boost your indoor air quality. We offer free, in-home estimates on new systems!

More than a Half-Century of Superior Service

Our track record for meeting the HVAC needs of customers in Lake City, Gainesville and their surrounding communities is unmatched. For more than a half-century, our skilled professionals have provided top-notch heating and cooling services for both residential and commercial customers. Our expert technicians have decades of experience dealing with the most complicated heating, ventilation and air conditioning challenges that can surface in Florida's unique climate.

When you summon a service crew from Glenn I. Jones Home Services, you are reaching out to the best in the business! Our certified professionals work flexible hours and handle emergencies to restore your cool when your A/C unit cannot.  

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Financing Options Available

Glenn I. Jones offers financing options to customers with approved credit. If financing can help you with a new air conditioner purchase for your home in Lake City or Gainesville, click here for options.

Boost Your AC Energy Efficiency with a new Air Conditioning Unit

Florida summers can be brutal on your utility bills and an older air conditioning system won't help. However, advancements in cooling technology and a heightened emphasis on energy savings make today’s new A/C units far more energy-efficient than systems from 25, 15, or even 5 years ago. Making the move from an outdated 10 SEER unit to a modern unit with a rating of 16 SEER or higher will trigger savings on your energy bills this summer and for several other summers after that. Let our certified professionals from Glenn I. Jones identify and install an A/C unit that will provide huge savings for you over the lifetime of the system.

We Have the System to Match Your Needs

All homeowners seek efficiency, but you really need an A/C unit that is powerful enough to cool your home. Manufacturers recommend having 1 ton of air conditioning capacity for every 600 square feet of conditioned floor area in your home. With a new air conditioning installation from Glenn I. Jones, your home will be measured and fitted with a new system that is right for it. Purchasing too large or too small of a system can compromise your HVAC's performance. Let our experts match the perfect-sized system to the needs of your home in Gainesville or Lake City, Florida today!

Let Us Upgrade your AC Unit ASAP

Tired of your old air conditioner breaking down every summer? Recurring repairs add up, and an aging AC unit is not going to become more reliable over time. Break your self-defeating, spending cycle by upgrading to a new air conditioner from Glenn I. Jones Home Services. Contact us online or give us a call at 386-752-5389 to learn more about our powerful, efficient Daikin systems that are built to last and come with a 12-year manufacturer's warranty,