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Ductless Mini Splits Services in Lake City & Gainesville, FL

Ductless Mini Splits Services in Lake City & Gainesville, FL

A ductless mini-split system is a versatile, energy-efficient and cost-effective option for cooling your home or office in the Gainesville and Lake City, Florida area. Praised by the Environmental Protection Agency for helping homeowners "go green" by lowering the carbon footprint of a residence, the system also saves money on your utility bills because of its zoned approach to controlling your indoor climate.

With a mini-split system, you can adjust the temperature from room to room to focus your cooling efforts on high-use areas and downplay the airflow to other areas. Cited as an ENERGY STAR product by the EPA, a ductless AC system provides a low-cost solution for keeping your home comfortable year-round. Because there is no ductwork, it is less expensive to install and maintain than traditional HVAC systems.

At Glenn I. Jones Home Services, our certified technicians are well-versed in installing, repairing and servicing mini-split systems for our customers in Lake City, Gainesville and throughout the rest of North Florida. These units are very convenient for couples, individuals who live alone or proprietors of small offices that do not require centralized air-conditioning throughout the entire home or business.

The System Uses Three Components

A ductless mini-split system requires only three main components:

  • Outdoor unit
  • Indoor mounted evaporator unit
  • Wireless remote control or thermostat

In this system, your indoor and outdoor units are connected by refrigerant lines running through an opening in your wall or ceiling. Single-Zone systems connect one outdoor unit to one indoor unit. Multi-Zone systems connect an outdoor unit to multiple indoor units. A hand-held remote or a wall-mounted thermostat in each room is used to adjust the temperature. By pressing a button, you can start or stop the unit as needed.

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Why Going Ductless Is A Good Move

  • Flexible cooling options. Ductless systems are ideal for home additions or renovations, offering maximum temperature control in tight quarters.
  • Cost savings. The systems require less energy to operate, which lowers utility bills, and eliminates cooling unoccupied rooms.
  • Easy installation. Adding a ducted system may take weeks. Going ductless only requires access for three-inch pipes to connect your indoor and outdoor units.
  • Eco-friendly. The zoning approach of a ductless cooling system lowers your carbon footprint and is better for the environment.

Keeping HVACs Humming for a Half-Century

At Glenn I. Jones Home Services, we have spent more than 50 years servicing A/C units throughout the Lake City & Gainesville, Florida area. We understand the wear-and-tear that your mini-split unit will face during a long, hot summer and we know how to keep it humming. We also know how to install a new system when you are ready for an upgrade. Our service options include:

Mini-Split HVAC Repair

When an issue surfaces, contact our certified technicians immediately. We can prevent the issue from getting worse and increasing the cost of repairs. When we receive a request for repairs, the first thing our skilled craftsmen will do is inspect the unit to determine the source of the problem and plan an appropriate solution.

Mini-Split HVAC Replacement

There are times when a repair is not the best solution. If your current model is too worn or outdated, a replacement unit could be a more cost-effective option.

Mini-Split HVAC Installation

When it's time to replace your mini-split system, Glenn I. Jones will be more than happy to install it. Our trained technicians are familiar with all models on the market, including our high-quality systems from Daikin Comfort Pro. We're comfortable working with any of them.

Mini-Split HVAC Maintenance

To ensure that your current mini-split AC remains in good shape, we recommend having it regularly maintained. Periodic maintenance allows us to evaluate its condition fix minor problems before they become major ones. We can even suggest or install upgrades, as they become available, to improve its performance.

Stay Cool & Save Money with Glenn. I Jones

When your ductless mini-split is not as energy-efficient as it used to be, contact Glenn I. Jones Home Services to solve the problem. Our certified craftsmen can repair your existing unit or install a new one at your home or business in the Gainesville & Lake City, FL area. Contact us online or give us a call at 386-752-5389 to learn more about our services. We have been helping our customers stay cool and save money on HVAC services for more than 50 years!