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Ductless Mini Split Heating in Lake City & Gainesville, FL

Mini-split heating systems are a good addition for any business or homeowner looking for a more efficient way to provide heat and keep the indoor air comfortable. These systems are smaller than traditional heaters and allow you to just heat a specific room or confined area. More importantly, a mini-split heat system is ideal for smaller homes or any property that doesn’t require ductwork.

Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are comprised of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected by refrigerant lines through a meeting wall. Ductless heat systems offer many advantages and increased efficiency for various properties so when you need help with your ductless mini-split heat system or you’re interested in installing one in your home in Lake City or Gainesville, FLcontact Glenn I. Jones Home Services to take the next step.

Why Choose a Mini-Split Heat System

You may want to install a mini-split heat system for various reasons, but there are a number of circumstances that make these heat systems ideal. Some of these circumstances include:

  • No Ductwork – Mini-split heat systems don’t rely on a duct system to produce heat, so if you don’t have ductwork, this system is just what you need.
  • Temperature Zoning – When you need to control the temperature or heat just one room or area, mini-split heat systems will do the trick.
  • Remodeling or Adding Rooms – When constructing a new room or remodeling a room to be bigger, you’ll need an HVAC system. The simple installation makes mini-split heat systems perfect for this.
  • Comfortability – With mini-split heat units, you never have to worry about someone being uncomfortable because you can control the temperature for each room.
  • Simple Installation – If you don’t have a proper heat system, a mini-split HVAC is a good option because the installation process is very fast and efficient giving you immediate control of your comfort.

Contact Glenn I. Jones Home Services for Efficient Heat

Ductless and mini-split heat systems are ideal for many different reasons and they can be installed in various residential or commercial buildings. When you need help with your current mini-split heat system or you’re ready to experience the benefits a new mini-split system has to offer, contact us at 386-752-5389.

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